Recommended Resources

This section is not meant as an exhaustive list – we are simply including here some of the resources that have helped us along our journey so far and to share videos and texts that we reference during our Trauma Informed Practice course.
We also highlight the work of some of our guest speakers as ‘friends of the Network’ whilst not endorsing any business or its sold services and products for financial gain.


Trauma Informed Plymouth Network – Adverse Childhood Experiences
A 40-minute webcast recorded by the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network 

Trauma & the Brain
NHS Lanarkshire End Violence and Abuse Services and NHS Health Scotland

The Window of ToleranceBeacon House Resources
Find out how a traumatised child swings from fight/flight to freeze/collapse; and what adults can do to help bring the child back into their window of tolerance so they can be at their personal best.

Step Inside the Circle
Fritzi Horstman’s powerful video from the Compassion Prison Project exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences in a maximum security prison in the USA.


The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network have been cited in the following research publications:

Katie McBride and Emma Taylor associate lecturers at the University of Plymouth worked alongside our lived experience group in 2022 to capture the voices of lived experience in navigating our services & systems. Lived Experiences of the Trauma Informed Approach 

Dr Haley Peckham The Neuroplasticity Narrative  Dr Haley Peckham’s guest speaker session From Rabbits to Elephants has been our most watched video on our YouTube channel. Here’s more from Haley who engages us with the complexity of neuroscience in a unique & delightful way!

One of our Network members Dr Victoria May has completed her PhD thesis on trauma informed supervision in social care.  Unregulated social care workers: their lived experiences in the workplace and the development of a new conceptual approach to supervision support


The Body Keeps the Score
Bessel Van der Kolk

The Boy who was Raised as a Dog
Bruce Perry

What Happened To You
Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Perry

When The Body Says No
Gabor Maté 

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
Gabor Maté 

The Power Threat Meaning Framework
Mary Boyle & Lucy Johnstone 

Psychiatric Diagnosis
Lucy Johnstone 

The Brightness of Stars
Lisa Cherry

The Prosecutor
Nazir Afzal

Creating Trauma Informed Organisations
Karen Treisman

Local Resources

One of our incredible network members, Tiffany Player, has created the Devon & Cornwall Directory of services, resources, groups, and workshops offered across Devon & Cornwall (and the wider UK area). It is incredibly well-researched and extensive and she is keen that it is made available to anyone who needs it.

Devon and Cornwall Directory of Services and Support Dec2023

Tiffany is currently training to be a therapist and has worked in mental health services for 8 years. As so many of our network members do, she represents the strength that can grow from experiences of trauma and adversity. Contact:

We would also like to take the opportunity to shout out the equally incredible Nicky Nurrish who many of you know as the founder of Marbles Lost and Found. This comprehensive and impeccably researched website serves as a directory of mental health services and self-help support with lived experience at its heart. Nicky shines a light for people trying to navigate their way through the mental health system drawing from her own lived experience and as a super skilled networker.  Nicky can be contacted on