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One of the many strengths of the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network is its diversity with members from education, health, the voluntary and community sector, social care, the justice system and so much more; all with Lived Experience at its heart. We aim to provide a platform and forum to share our learning and are constantly reflecting and adapting, updating and evolving our workforce development offers to respond to the needs of our city.
A large workforce development survey, commissioned by Plymouth City Council in 2018, informed our training development. The survey found that 83% of Plymouth respondents saw trauma informed practice, as a priority but only 28% had received any training.

In response, the workforce development branch of the Network developed a Trauma Informed Practice course which has kindly been coordinated by the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership. This L3 certificated safeguarding course introduces the Network’s Approach to Envisioning Plymouth as a Trauma Informed City and explores the key values underpinning a trauma informed approach. 

The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network deliver courses on

Trauma Informed Practice – full day, face to face

Trauma Informed Practice – 3 hours, online or face to face

An Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice – 1 hour, online or face to face

Vicarious and Secondary Trauma 

Sharing the Brain Story

Bystander Intervention 

If you have experience of delivering education and training and would like to become a facilitator for the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network, please get in touch by email info@tipn.org or via the contact us form.

Join our movement for change

Our ambition is for Plymouth to be a trauma-informed city. Our independent network is open to anyone connected with Plymouth with a desire to learn about and promote trauma informed ways of being. You too can join our Network and help Plymouth become a safer and kinder place, where the impact of trauma and adversity is both recognised and responded to with sensitivity and compassion.