We are so pleased you’ve found us

Welcome to the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network, a space that offers connection and embraces the value of trusted and healthy relationships.

We celebrate the strength, personal growth, innovation and creativity that can grow from adversity and experiences of trauma.

Join our movement for change

Our ambition is for Plymouth to be a trauma-informed city. Our independent network is open to anyone connected with Plymouth with a desire to learn about and promote trauma informed ways of being. You too can join our Network and help Plymouth become a safer and kinder place, where the impact of trauma and adversity is both recognised and responded to with sensitivity and compassion.

Who are we?

The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network (TIPN) was established in early 2018 as an innovative response to the emerging evidence regarding childhood adversity and the impact of trauma on people, communities and those delivering services. We are a collaborative, community network with lived experience of trauma and adversity at its heart.

We have a diverse membership of people who have experienced trauma and interested professionals from across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors who are all intensely curious to learn about and promote trauma-informed and shame-sensitive practices.

We are an independent, grassroots and ‘ground up’ movement for cultural change, that aligns with long term prevention approaches to addressing the root causes of harm in society.

We are part of the European alliance of trauma informed cities & communities, coordinated by the Wave Trust for the World Health Organisation and have contributed to the all-party Parliamentary Group that addresses Adverse Childhood Experiences.

How do we define trauma?

Trauma affects people in different ways. Everyone’s experience is unique and different.

Put simply, trauma is about the harmful things we experience and the legacy they leave behind.

Our approach recognises that adversity is not predictive. With the right support, protective factors and healthy, trusted relationships in place, people can and do overcome the most traumatic experiences. People survive and can thrive despite – or even because – of their trauma.

To talk of trauma without reference to resilience is to tell only half the story.
“An event, series of events or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being”

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) definition.

“Trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.”

Dr. Gabor Maté

“Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds.”

Dr. Gabor Maté

Our vision for culture change

The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network is a movement for cultural change. Being trauma-informed is a mind-set, an attitude, a way of thinking and being that seeks to address the inequalities, the discrimination, the social injustice and the barriers those affected by trauma can experience. We believe every person can make a difference by being more trauma informed and responsive. Change within families, communities and workplaces comes from people daring to do things differently.

“Trauma informed practice shouldn’t be a tick box exercise or an overused buzzword. Meaningful trauma informed practice requires a whole system paradigm shift. A cultural transformation at every level and in every sphere of a service / organisation”
Dr Karen Treisman

We are ambitious about promoting trauma informed and shame-sensitive cultures within our practices, our organisations, our systems and our city.

Why you should join us

The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network occupies a unique space for connection, reflection and shared learning, with members being encouraged to ‘be the change’ we want to see within our city culture.

We are courageously prevention focused and seek to avoid causing further harm. We advocate healthy and trusted relationships at home, at work and in the community as the key to helping people overcome adversity, feel safer and develop their resilience.

We offer a safe environment where those with lived experience of trauma, or those from outside of the ‘system’ can stand alongside interested professionals, and all have a voice, to shape innovation and influence change.

Whether your interest is professional or personal, your enthusiasm, engagement and ideas are very welcome!